Mikael Rydenfelt (born 1984) is a professional, photographer and a humble man based in Turku, Finland.

Mikael Rydenfelt photographs exposure differences and inequalities built into urban and agricultural Scandinavia and two of its difficulties; welfare model and status of religion.

During 2016 he studied in the International Photojournalism Program at the prestigious DMJX, Danish School of Media and Journalism. Currently he is studying Visual Arts at the Turku Arts Academy oldest academic art school in Finland and attending Atelier-Smedsby, one year long photography based workshop.

Mikael Rydenfelt has worked about a decade as a press photographer at Turun Sanomat, third biggest daily newspaper in Finland; for Lännen Media, the biggest media consortium in Finand since its beginning; and for YLE, Finnish Broadcasting company, among others. He is available for photojournalism, portraits and documentary style commercial assignments

Mikael likes freshly baked rye bread and sees no numbers on Ishihara test.

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