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MASS DECREASE of bees and other pollinators already jeopardizes  worlds food production locally. In China, fruit trees are being pollinated by crowds and brushes. In 2013 European Commission, for sake of bees and humans, denied usage of pesticides that contain neonicotinoids.  

Honeybees have three enemies: varroa, nosema and humans. We are trying to fight the first two, to have the bees for us, but the bees would probably be happier without any three.  It is important to understand: from the bees perspective, we are not kind friends, we are parasites.

We need bees more than they need us.

This movie is an love story, between bees and 78 years old Anders Glob, old man who, worked with brush but nowadays actualizes art of caring. 

Around Seventy Percent” offers a view to natures essence and how we, as humans are slowly destroying our world.