REMINISCENSES OF SEXUAL abuse. Constant presence of fear and lack of presence.

In 2017 the catholic church of Australia tried to hush aways 4400 cases of sexual abuse.

Way earlier, in Ireland 14500 victims. Numbers are many and enormous —weary. Stories, instead, are so, so interesting —but hard to tell.

From own experience I know that unspeakably sensitive pain makes you quiet and alienated. When there is no words, it becomes difficult to even talk to one’s own and might happen that one becomes two; one becomes stranger to oneself and guilty turns out to be safest place. Also it is possible, that violent and injustified acts grow into acts of order. Every and each one of the available branches are the ones that keep the one above the surface. 

Guilty, My shelter” is experimental project, aiming to return of clearer order. By offering photography, also for others, as a language, to build new narratives, I want to give change for better and bolder stories. Just as much for myself as so many others.

Project, which got first fundings from Finnish Cultural Foundation, is ongoing —on its beginnings, at this point and it lacks still many elements. Aim is on breaking the silence —empowering the victims instead of violent silence. Silence is fools gold and way too heavy burden to be carried alone. I am interested —also as pictures have become more and more important part of our identity— Is it possible for pictures to carry and hold away our memories, thoughts or harmful parts of ourselves? What about carrying ourselves? Let's find out.












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